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Juul be kicked out of U.S. market by FDA

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Juul be kicked out of U.S. market by FDA

The electronic cigarettes on the American market are manufactured by Chinese electronic cigarette factories. On June 23rd, Eastern Time, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on its official website that it issued a marketing refusal order to the E-Cigarette company Juul Labs Inc. Risk of administrative penalties. Juul is a popular pyrotechnic group with tens of thousands of tens of thousands in the US market, and has electronic brands with "more than 70% of American brands" worldwide. "In addition to the top 5 e-cigarette brands in the Juul market, diamonds are manufactured by Moore, which must be a financial benefit for Zheng Simo." The founder of Meiyuan Technology and PMTA certified Zhizhi was interviewed by the experts of the times. There is one less of these brands. opponent. In the early morning of June 3rd, Beijing time, on June 22nd, Juul was hit by the FDA rumors that the Hong Kong stock e-cigarette index rose 4.88%, or 5.61%. Toxicology Study Results Shanghai "Juul had the opportunity to provide proof that its products met the standard, but did not provide proof." Michele Mital, a representative of the FDA's Center for Tobacco, said that if there is no data on the relevant health risks, the FDA will issue a product list refusal order. According to the FDA announcement, after reviewing Juul`s premarket tobacco product application, the PMTA (Premarket Tobacco Application), it found that the company`s product toxicology research data was insufficient and conflicting results, including genotoxicity and e-liquid released data on harmful chemicals , Juul also prevented the FDA from doing a full toxicological risk assessment of its products. Since there is no evidence to assess the toxicological risk of Juul products, the announcement also encourages Juul consumers to report health concerns and product concerns to the FDA. The reporter learned that the FDA requires e-cigarette companies to apply for PMTA certification and submit materials for their products, and only after approval can they be sold in the US market. During the process, the FDA will evaluate the product's formulation, manufacturing process, health risks, safety to individuals and groups, especially adolescents. Juul applied for PMTA certification for two tobacco-flavored and menthol-flavored products, both with 5% and 3% nicotine concentrations. The company also applied for certification for tobacco rods, but both were rejected by the FDA. Previously, the FDA has banned the sale of e-cigarettes containing fruit flavors and sweeteners. As far as Zheng Zhi knows, the FDA issued a listing refusal order to delist e-cigarette products. If the company refuses to delist, the FDA will issue a warning letter, and then law enforcement agencies will come to the door to force the product off the shelves, and may issue a huge fine. However, he also mentioned that Juul received a listing refusal order and could sue the FDA, and the product could continue to be sold during the litigation process, and that the FDA lost the PMTA case "not once or twice."

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