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Regulations on importing nicotine into Australia are changing

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 Regulations on importing nicotine into Australia are changing

The Australian October 1st Nicotine "Ban"

Don't Worry: We've got the answers and you shouldn't panic.

Is nicotine being banned?


So what's actually happening?

As of October 1st, 2021, regulations on importing nicotine into Australia are changing, and Australian vapers will be required to have a valid medical prescription to legally access nicotine e-Liquids. 

Technically, on the state level, most Australian vapers have always required a prescription to import and possess nicotine. From October 1, the Australian government is simply formalising this requirement on a national level.

This change is following a reclassification from the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) making nicotine e-liquids a Schedule 4 (prescription only) substance late last year.

Where can I get a prescription from?

We're recommending to help our customers access valid prescriptions for their nicotine needs and maintain their harm reduction strategy. Quit Clinics is registered with ATHRA (Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association) and has authorized Australian Doctors who specialize in nicotine prescriptions. Quit Clinics turn around timeframe is typically within 24 hours, and if they're unable to help they will provide a full refund.

Use code: AUG10 for 10% off your consultation fee.

If and when you have acquired your prescription, you will be able to easily upload a copy of these documents during the shopping cart process on our website, which we will include inside your package.

(This prescription upload feature will be implemented from mid September)

For more information on how it works:

More information about the Australian Government | Department of Health: Personal Importation Scheme.

Alternatively, ATHRA has created a handy list of other Australian doctors who can possibly assist you with a nicotine prescription.

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